Build Your Fanbase Online With These FIVE Direct-to-Fan Tools

Episode 025 of The Indie Musician Secrets Podcast


I [also] wanted to throw in a couple of other things for you to think about. One is to consider vlogging, which is the same thing as blogging just with a V, and it uses video instead of typing. Video is sometimes easier to create than writing blog posts. Sometimes we don’t want to sit down and just write out a blog post. But if you just pull out your phone and start recording what you’re doing, that may be an easier route to go.


You can also transcribe that audio. Use a voice transcribing tool like (that’s what I use) and talk-to-text your blogs. Sometimes our brains move a little bit faster when we can just speak things out instead of typing it, so consider using that as well. Then you can edit and post those as your blog posts.


Lastly, consider multi-purposing. [Let’s say you] video record your podcast and upload the video to YouTube, socials (in small pieces), etc. Then [use] the audio file as the podcast piece. That way, you get more out of your content.


Your action item for today is to choose one of these tools, and I would even say to go step further and focus on one aspect of one of these tools. For example, if you’re going to do a podcast, it might be something as simple as choosing the platform that you want, [or] writing down your first couple ideas for content — maybe your first five episodes.

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